Conrad Knox
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Conrad Knox








Founder (Conrad Knox Foundation)


Ava Knox (daughter)
Philip Knox (Father)

Conrad Knox is the billionaire founder of the Conrad Knox Foundation and is the main antagonist of Season 3. He was the mastermind behind a failed coup d'état in Zimbabwe that would have put political dissident Walter Lutulu in power. As a result of the economic influence of the Conrad Knox Foundation he has strong political influence in South Africa like Joseph Dreyer


Little details has been revealed about Conrad Knox's life except that his father, Philip Knox came to South Africa and work as a banker until he was fired for offering loans to black traders. When he was 15 he was kicked out of school and proceeded to go work at a printing press. At some point in time he established the Conrad Knox Foundation, amassed wealth and had his only daughter, Ava.


Season 3Edit

In Episode 7, Knox commands Matlock and his team to break political dissident Walter Lutulu out of a Zimbabwe prison. It is implied that Lutulu and Knox had a close relationship before he was imprisoned.

In Episode 8, After Scott trades Lillian for Stonebridge who was taken hostage by Matlock, Knox hands her a CIA file revealing Damien Scott's past. Lillian, after reading her fathers journal realises that Knox facilitated his assassination and is in possession of nuclear weapons. He reaffirms his support for Lillian as leader over her fathers party. Knox is later publicly named by Lillian Lutulu at a press conference as the man who orchestrated her fathers assassination and currently in possession of nuclear warheads. As a result, Conrad Knox becomes the most wanted man in the world.

In Episode 9, Knox and South African Lawyer Christian Lucas are seen meeting on the outskirts of town as he tells him that one of the drivers is currently transporting the nuclear warhead. Near the end of the episode after being tipped off by ex-CIA Agent Christy Bryan that Christian Lucas was turned by Section 20, Knox kills him for his betrayal.

In Episode 10, Matlock and Knox attend a meeting with the Nigerians setup by Cristy Bryan. When Section 20 raid the location of the meet, Matlock and Knox escape as Matlock finally realises his true endgame. He is killed by Craig Hanson for wanting to leave. Dalton eventually discovers that Knox wants to detonate the warheads in the tunnels under the bank where his father used to work. We come to know Knox's true intentions as he states that he wants to blow up the city that condemned his father. As Knox and Dalton's conversation comes to a finish he releases the dead mans switch. As Scott and Stonebridge have already disarmed the nuclear warheads, he realises that his plan failed. A struggle ensures between him and Dalton and he shoots her in the stomach. He later dies from a self inflicted gunshot wounds after tripping over holding his own gun.