Daniel Connolly






Portrayed by

Liam Cunningham

Daniel Connolly was an IRA terrorist believed to be associated with Latif through Fatmir Hasani. Eleanor Grant follows Connelly to Mozambique to execute him.


Small details have been revealed about Daniel Connolly. He was once part of the Irish Republican Army during the IRA-Britain war where he somehow came to know Eleanor Grant.


Season 2Edit

In Episode 3, Grant reveals that during the war he took the family of a man who delivered groceries to the British hostage and promised that they wouldn't be killed if he drives a truck full of semtex into a British Army Base. The mans family was still killed even though he complied with his demands. Grant's story provides a stark reminder to everyone that Daniel Connolly is not to be trusted to keep his word under any circumstance.

In Episode 4, Section 20 track Connelly to Mozambique where he is cornered by Scott and Stonebridge. Knowing his fate, he requests that Eleanor Grant be the person that kills him. Grant kills him in retaliation for the death of Captain Kate Marshall.

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