Felix Masuku







Former Special Air Service

Portrayed by

Shaun Parkes

Felix Masuku is a former SAS soldier. He was arrested in Zimbabwe and sent to a highly secure prison after killing who he believed was Robert Mugabe in Harare. Section 20 sent John Porter to break him out and kill him. Porter succeeds in removing Masuku from the prison complex, and spared Masuku after the latter convinced him that the assassination mission was a legitimate U.K. contract. Major Hugh Collinson later visits Masuku's mission handler, only for the subject to commit suicide.

While attempting to exfiltrate Zimbabwe, Porter and Masuku come across a local school used by local Totsi bandits to extort refugees. Porter and Masuku intervene in saving the civilians, only for both men to get wounded in the process. Zimbabwe Colonel Tshuma catches up to both men with his military elite guard and engages in a protracted firefight with the men until Collinson's arrival with local South African forces. During the confusion, Masuku disappears, with his exposure being considered a liability to the U.K.

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