Liam Baxter
Full Name

Sgt. Liam Baxter




K.I.A. (Deceased)
Killed by: Leo Kamali




Communications Officer and
Field Operative (Section 20)

Portrayed by

Liam Garrigan

Sergeant Liam Baxter was Section 20's communications officer. He was working undercover as a journalist to find Al-Zuhari, but was exposed and captured. He was later executed by Leo Kamali in Lebanon, at the start of Season 4.


Personal Information

Name: Liam Baxter

Born: 1981 | Kerry, Ireland

Family: Mother: Angela; Father: Douglas; Sisters: Janine, Andrea

Notes: Self-confident as a child, took care of mother and sisters as father spent days on end at the pub.

Military Experience

2003-2007: Served four tours in Iraq.

2007: Recruited by Sinclair to join Section 20.

Once defended local Iraqi girl from rape at the hands of two of his fellow soldiers, who were subsequently court martialed and dishonourably discharged.

Additional Notes

A slave to detail with a definite anal retentive streak, Baxter plays everything by the book. Baby-faced with an innocuous demeanor, he is a disciplined and dedicated soldier, with a penchant for army 'toys' and prolific skill and expertise in the technological arena.

Trivia Edit

  • He and Gerry Baxter share the same surname, it is unknown if they are both related.
  • He shares his first name with his actor's first name.


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