Oliver Sinclair
Full Name

Major Oliver Sinclair






K.I.A (Deceased)




Chief Intelligence Officer (Section 20)


before being executed he said he had children.

Portrayed by

Rhashan Stone

Major Oliver Sinclair was Section 20's chief intelligence officer, responsible for the logistics and management of the entire team and the high-tech mobile unit known as the crib. In all day-to-day operations, He was Colonel Grant's right hand man and later for Rachel Dalton.

Death of Major Sinclair Edit

Season 3, Episode 7 -  He and the members of Section 20 where arrested by corrupt South African officials and sent to a prison. Sinclair realizes that the officials intend to kill them. Sinclair manages to warn the rest of his team before he was executed by mercenaries.


Season 2 Appearances
Season 2, Episode 1 Season 2, Episode 2 Season 2, Episode 3 Season 2, Episode 4 Season 2, Episode 5
Season 2, Episode 6 Season 2, Episode 7 Season 2, Episode 8 Season 2, Episode 9 Season 2, Episode 10
Season 3 Appearances
Season 3, Episode 1 Season 3, Episode 2 Season 3, Episode 3 Season 3, Episode 4 Season 3, Episode 5
Season 3, Episode 6 Season 3, Episode 7

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